Stonehaus Farms Rose Red
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Stonehaus Farms Rose Red Bottle Label
Rose Red


Produced using the St. Vincent grape which uncertain lineages, but may be a chance seedling resulting from a cross between Pinot Noir and Chambourcin, both of which were growing next to each other in the establishing vineyard. Originally discovered in Augusta, Missouri in 1973 by Scott Toedesbush, who was managing a vineyard owned by Lucian Dressel. In 2006, St. Vincent was added to the approved grape variety list.

St. Vincent produces a moderate sized cluster with large deep purple berries, with vigorous upright growth habit. Moderately susceptible to disease and pest, this grape grows very well in Missouri. The St. Vincent grape produces a wine similar to a young Italian Chianti. The nose is complex, but light with cherry, nut, and smoke overtones. The finish is known for its strong cherry, melon, and toasted nut, with a wonderful long complex overtone.

Serving Recommendations

This Rose wine is the perfect companion for lighter fare. Pairs well with fruit, sandwiches, cheeses, and light pastas.

Served Chilled


Vintage Year
Residual Sugar
2.5 %
Alcohol Content
13.5 %
Cases Produced


$13 btl

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